Revo Piuma 4WD Fruit Harvester

Revo Piuma 4WD Fruit Harvester

Small, compact, steady and noiseless. Discover the reason why the PIUMA 4WD is considered a true revolution amongst fruit harvesters. The new apple transport system ensures their safety all the way to the bin. With PIUMA 4WD the picking times and labour costs are reduced while still ensuring excellent results. 

The conveyer belts placed at the extremity of the apple harvester smoothly move the fruit to the main belt, which deposits them directly into the bin. Compared with common models available on the market, PIUMA 4WD reduces the time required and improves the transition of the fruit, which is gently lowered into the bin with this one, unique transition between belts. 

The special platform shifting makes PIUMA 4WD the perfect, State of Art fruit harvesting machine.

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