Orchard Platform Wagon Hydraulic

Orchard Platform Wagon Hydraulic

Introducing the OPWD! The same great features as the original OPW, but now with even more capability. The OPWD comes standard with hydraulically operated platforms which are controlled independently of each other, allowing for each platform to be raised or lowered with ease for the optimal working position. The main working deck consists of two pull-out slides for wider rows and a center safety post for attaching to workers safety harness. Included are four 40” hydraulic cylinders and our never lube tube-in-tube sliding system to ensure stable up and down motion. The 4-wheel steering system allows for stable operation in an orchard and tight turning between rows. Available is an upper deck attachment which raises the floor height to 10’.

Like the OPW, the OPWD gives you greater flexibility with your equipment. The key is the ability to go from a tractor pulled platform with auto-steer, to a tractor which can be used for other tasks independently of the platform. The entire setup converts from remote operation to standard tractor in 45 minutes.

Blueline’s self-steering platforms include manual drive controls for transportation or end-of-row positioning. Various kill switches for additional safety are standard.

Whether you are pruning, thinning, trellis tying or harvesting, the OPWD tractor pulled platform is the right tool for the job.

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