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Orchard Platforms

Blueline’s self-propelled orchard platforms offer labor-saving versatility for today’s orchards. Fully self-powered with 4-cylinder diesel engines and 4WD, the Blueline orchard platform is designed for modern orchards at only 50” wide. The platform has an adjustable width from 3.6 to 10 feet and adjustable height from 3.5 to 6 feet. Platforms vary in size from 2 to 4 persons.

The OP25 model includes an advanced auto steering feature with ground speed rate meter and hydrostatic transition. The self-steering features saves on labor expense by eliminating dedicated driver requirements.

For added flexibility, we also offer an OPW model that includes a combination Kubota L3800HST/L3901HST tractor with an unpowered pulled platform. The OPW model allows operators to either have the tractor auto-steer or disconnect the platform to use the tractor separately.

Blueline’s self-steering platforms include manual drive controls for transportation or end-of-row positioning. Also included are various kill switches for additional safety.

For the Organic orchard we also offer the unique EPS. This compact platform is completly battery powered. It is convinient and compact with adjustable height and width and is easily transported between blocks by forklift or tractor with bin forks. It has powerful electric wheeldrive motors which are powered by dual batteries for optimal use between recharges. This platform also features single bin storage, able to accomodate both wood and plastic bins.

We are also excited to introduce our newest Blueline product!

The OPH-9000 orchard harvesting platform.
It features a four wheel design with electric over hydraulic steering, CAT 24.7HP 3 cylinder diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission and an ultra-Sonic auto steering system.

It's the latest innovation in fruit harvest mechanization!


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