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Electric Orchard Platform

Electric Orchard Platform


The EPS is a convenient and compact platform suited perfectly for the family sized farm. This  inexpensive, zero emissions unit has adjustable height and width, with a height of 86 ½- 112 ¾ (extended) and a width of 75 ½  The length is 65 ½ 

Powerful electric wheel drive motors propel the unit down the rows, powered by dual batteries for optimal use time between recharges*

This platform is also equipped with bin storage and is set up to accommodate both plastic and wood bins.

It's compact size also means that the EPS is able to be transported to and from the orchard with a forklift or bin forks.

The EPS is the perfect, inexpensive solution for the family sized operation or for those looking for an eco friendly alternative to larger gas powered variants.



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