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  • BH-200 Blue Berry Harvester
BH-200 Blue Berry Harvester

BH-200 Blue Berry Harvester

Continuing the evolution of harvesting

New for 2017 - Introducing the Blueline BH200 “Columbia” berry harvester.
Blueline Manufacturing designed this berry harvesting machine based on grower input and identified weaknesses of other competitive berry harvesters on the market. Our goal from the onset of this project was to reduce the loss of fruit through the collection system. In many cases, according to growers, was up to 20% of the total crop. With a creative way of moving the crop using high volume, low pressure air, we have reduced the loss to the ground by as much as 50%.
This system also incorporates a newly designed collection ear which is much lighter, but very strong, with a wider edge to reduce friction against the plants. Our new collection system uses a rubber “spring block” rather than conventional springs. This system is much simpler to maintain and longer lasting.
Also Blueline was determined to improve the operator platform and controls. Using a proven system called CANBUS we were able to reduce the wiring and hydraulic hose circuits by about 25%. You will notice a very clean and uncluttered operator area and controls. Using a touch screen control system we can now adjust all major control functions from a simple control pad. This system also gives speed indications of each function.
The drive system is “all wheel drive” meaning oil is reduced to any wheel that has lost traction forcing oil to the other wheels that have traction.
Our newly designed optional auto-leveling system also incorporates an auto height control feature. Once the desired height is set into the system, it will automatically be maintained.
We also have an auto-steering system which is simple and trouble free.
With all of these new design features and improvements, this machine has the capability of rapidly paying for itself with reduced fruit loss and improved productivity.

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