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The Accutech sprayer is the flagship of the Blueline sprayer line. The Accutech is built like a tank with a new 3-point constant velocity turning hitch that stops “bearing end thrust.” This machine eliminates calibration errors by using an Arag Bravo 180 Flow Control System sprayer rate control system which automatically maintains a single programmed application rate throughout varying speed changes while discharging 20 to 1,000 GPA (depending upon speed). The Arag system displays flow rate, distance traveled, speed, total volume applied, and total area worked.

Accutech’s 50 micron droplet size provides superior coverage over conventional air blast sprayers, giving you the confidence to reduce your present chemical rate, increase the speed of the application, and maintain or increase control.

Combine these aspects with an unmatched agitation system and no-plugging air shear nozzles and you may have the most rugged, grower friendly sprayer ever made. The Accutech is designed to enable you to exchange a variety of heads or towers to the main unit, with no modification necessary to accommodate the various heads or towers.

The Accutech is available in several sizes and configurations from 250 to 1,000 gallons.


The Trio Air-Blast sprayer shares many of the rugged design features of the Accutech and is built to the same high standard. The Trio also features the new 3-point constant velocity turning hitch that stops “bearing end thrust.”  Our Trio Air-Blast features patented 3-zone airflow, for better, more consistant coverage of your application. 

The Trio comes standard with a 400 gallon stainless steel tank. It features a high speed fan with two speeds, a heavy duty three piston 40 GPM pump and sixteen roll over ceramic nozzles .

Electric controls come standard, a rate controller is optional. 

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