Kubota Excavators

Kubota Excavators

KX Series
The Kubota KX construction series consists of 1-8 ton conventional tall swing compact excavators. These heavy-duty construction models come in many varieties from ultra compact, 6-in-1 blade, and power utility excavator. The size runs from 2,200 lbs to 18,280 lbs and power ranges from 10.3 HP to 70.0 HP. Also included are variety of modern and desirable features.

U Series
Kubota's U construction series features 1.5-5 ton zero tail swing compact excavators. Engine horsepower on these units range from 17.0 HP to 50.0 HP. Units are available in open and closed cabs with features such as zero tail swing, hydraulic angle blade, oil flow control, strong buckets, and lower track rollers.

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