Agroplus F Keyline Tractors

Agroplus F Keyline Tractors

The Agroplus F Keyline is the perfect compact tractor! Especially for working in orchards, vineyards or in smaller open fields. It is equipped with simple and innovative mechanical controls, all-wheel braking with wet disc brakes and separate valves. It offers top ergonomy due to the rational control layout. With its great price to options relation, the Agroplus F Keyline is your key to more efficiency.

We all know that in the fruit growing sector the mechanisation of labor-intensive work is the key to increasing productivity. With the Agroplus F Keyline, DEUTZ-FAHR offers the ideal tractor for fruit-growing businesses that are now looking to mechanise. The Agroplus F Keyline series consists of three very attractive models ranging from 65 - 75 HP. With a level of driving comfort and operating convenience that is exemplary in this category.

Three or four-cylinder engines with turbo and intercooler coupled to four or five-speed gearboxes are good for a maximum speed of up to 25 MPH. A unique front axle and braking system, four-wheel drive and a maximum lifting capacity of 6,725lbs show the Agroplus F Keyline not only delivers great equipment at a small price, but is the ideal tractor for any operation.

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