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Grape Harvesters

A high-capacity double train picking head and a lot of components used by the self propelled range harvesters make G2 a high performer in the vineyard. G2 capacity-wise is comparable with the self-propelled range. 

The new ultra compact console allows you to operate the harvester in an ergonomic way no matter what tractor you drive. All functions and settings for G2 are operated from the new console and joystick, which allows harvesting under safe and comfortable conditions. 

G6 is a perfect combination of a dedicated chassis exclusively for harvesting and crop module designed to offer maximum quality work even under restricted use. 

G6 has a 100hp Deutz engine, with a sealing 2000mm length. Its compact size allows it to work in rows from 1.50m. G6 can receive two types of dumpsters 1000 or 1200L. The G6 is ideal for efficient harvest, with maximum flexibility and cost efficiency!

G7 has been developed to offer maximum maneuverability to save you time when turning on headlands or when operating in small vineyards. There are two main reasons for its outstanding maneuverability; first the wheelbase has been optimized and the second important factor is the benefit of a new steering system that makes use of the maximum steering angle.

The extreme maneuverability and the powerful Deutz engine make the new GREGOIRE G7 an all around tool carrier that is able to do all kinds of multi function work.

All around visibility which is necessary for pre-pruning or trimming, a powerful engine that is needed for spraying, make G7 a real multifunction player in the market.

G8 is fitted with Deutz 6 cylinder diesel engine – producing 167Hp @ 2100 Rpm. This engine supplies sufficient power to operate this machine in extreme conditions by maintaining very efficient fuel consumption.

When developing G8, special attention was paid to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. This together with its dimensions and wheel base give the G8 excellent stability - even in hilly conditions and heavy slopes. You can drive G8 with confidence at the speed you require in all conditions.

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