Blueline OPH100N-S Citrus Orchard Platform

Blueline OPH100N-S Citrus Orchard Platform

Introducing the Blueline OPH100N-S. Specifically designed for the harvest of Citrus fruit, this orchard platform has hydraulically controlled platforms that can swing into the trees of older plantings. It features a four-wheel design and all-wheel drive with limited slip.

This platform comes standard with 2-wheel and 4-wheel steer capability, hydrostatic transmission, centrally located bin elevator, ultrasonic Auto-steering system and a CAT 24.7 HP 3-cylinder diesel.

As with the OPH100N, empty bins enter through the front and full bins exit automatically from the rear with soft drop technology

DIMENSIONS: LENGHTH 44 3/8”, MINIMUM WIDTH (swings in) 90”, MAXIMUM WIDTH (swings out) 160”
MINIMUM HEIGHT (rear deck) 45”, MAXIMUM HEIGHT (rear deck) 85”,
MINIMUM HEIGHT (front deck) 80”, MAXIMUM HEIGHT (front deck) 116”, WHEEL WIDTH (fixed) 68”


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