Kokan Berry Harvester

Kokan Berry Harvester

Introducing the Kokan 500S Air Berry Harvester!

The KOKAN 500S provides an innovative, unique and proven Solution for Effective Harvesting for a wide range of fruits including Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Black Currants.

Unlike other industry harvesters, the mechanism of agitating the plants in the 500S is essentially touchless, resulting in minimum fruit bruise and bush damage.

This harvester employs proven methods of detached fruit collection as well as transport and purification. Delayed free fall of detached and collected fruit is another distinctive design feature of the KOKAN 500S. 

The application versatility is accomplished via simple, user friendly adjustments to the machine's operating parameters. These include independent adjustment of pulsating air jets, velocity and frequency. 

This technology is bound to revolutionize the mechanized berry harvesting landscape. 

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