Blueline Orchard Platform Harvester

Blueline Orchard Platform Harvester

The OPH200W orchard harvesting platform.

Our OPH200W features a four wheel design with electric over hydraulic, 89* steering, a CAT 24.7HP 3 cylinder diesel engine, four-wheel drive with traction control and a hydrostatic transmission. The picking platforms adjust in and out with a minimum width of 92.5” to a maximum width of 98.5” The platforms also adjust up and down with a height of 33” to 57” on the rear platform and 53” to 75” on the front platform, for maximum coverage. Overall length is 272” 

The bin conveyor system picks bins up in the front, carries them through to the elevator and then deposits them out the back. Our platform also features a zero impact bin drop for the full bins being deposited. The centrally located bin elevator is in the perfect position, easily accessible from anywhere on the machine. The front wheel suspension, low center of gravity and an ultra-Sonic auto steering system make this an incredibly versatile and maneuverable machine. Radio and lighting packages are also available

It's the latest innovation in fruit harvest mechanization!


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