Blueline Bin Trailers

Blueline Bin Trailers

Blueline bin trailers efficiently distribute growers’ bins throughout their orchards. They are available in a variety of sizes and accommodate 3, 4 or 6 bins.

Additional features include rotating tandem Tor-Flex axles, hydraulic control valves, bin guides, and adjustable hitch.  

Blueline bin trailers are also available with self-loading features including hydraulic pick-up chain, auto bin lock and drop axle.

4 Bin orchard bin trailer


Blueline has been building orchard bin trailers for a very long time. This experience has helped to refine our 4-Bin orchard bin trailer into the industry standard. It comes standard with dual Tor-Flex axles, hydraulic control valve, heavy duty hydraulic motor, front tractor mounts and outside bin guide. The hydraulically rotating axles, and hydraulic tilting hitch make loading and unloading full bins almost effortless.

The 4 bin also comes with a single auto bin lock control valve mount (must specify tractor)

 6 Bin orchard bin trailer


This 6 bin orchard bin trailer has hydraulically actuated axles with suspension, hydraulic control valve and heavy duty hydraulic motor.  Front & side tractor mounts with 2” ball come standard. The 6 bin also comes with the automatic Bin-lock system. 

Fits 6 standard 48” bins

4 Bin Cherry trailers


Our 4 bin cherry trailers are suited perfectly for the removal of your cherry crop. These trailers come standard with 15” tires, implement jack, 2” heavy duty coupler 2 ½” OD x 7” HD replaceable rollers  and Tor-Flex axle.

 ATV Empty Bin Trailer


The perfect way to transport your empty bins. Our ATV empty bin trailer carries 4 empty bins. An added convenience is that multiple units can be linked together (hitches on front and rear of unit) Each trailer comes standard with Tor-Flex Axle. 

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