5DS, 5DV, 5DF & 5DF Ecoline Series

5DS, 5DV, 5DF & 5DF Ecoline Series

From vineyard and orchard work to gardening, landscaping and municipal applications, maximum productivity and flexibility are basic requirements of a financially successful business. With the 5DS, 5DV, 5DF and 5DF Ecoline series, DEUTZ-FAHR has released a new generation of highly innovative specialist tractors that meet the most exacting demands in terms of productivity and equipment flexibility. These units are perfect for working in complete safety even in the toughest conditions.

Whether used for specialized tasks in the vineyard or for forestry applications, the new crawler tractors of the 5KF/KM Series are the perfect answer to any need. Up to six oil-lubricated rollers and tracks with up to 40 segments distribute the weight of the 5KM tractor evenly in any terrain conditions.

5KF versions are also available with the new ComfortTrack track chain, for class-leading stability and comfort and extraordinary soil protection. These crawler tractors boast a revolutionary new design. The single piece cowl with center-mounted headlamps allows unimpeded access to all parts subject to maintenance, and combines an attractive, modern style with excellent functionality.

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