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Herbicide Spray Tank

Herbicide Tank

          The Herbicide sprayer is designed to be a low profile and narrow unit so it will fit the newer high-density orchard and vineyard plantings. It has a 2" x 5" tubular steel frame, not channel like many competitive sprayers. The stainless steel tank is clamped into a saddle on the frame, not bolted which allows it to flex without cracking the tank or mounts. The stainless steel tank ends are rolled before they are welded, this adds greatly to the strength of the seam. Many other tanks are butt-welded; this is a much weaker seam. The tank is then polished to a grade 4 finish.
         We use high flow Hypro pumps of various styles depending of the usage. The Herbicide sprayers use Hypro "venturi agitators" these special units increase the flow by a factor of five. We install two in the bottom of the tank on 200 and 300 gallon tanks this will cycle the entire tank mix through these special agitators every two to three minutes. That is the best agitation you can get, and you don't have the chains, belts, or packing to maintain like on other competitive mechanical systems. The Herbicide sprayer is supplied with 9.5" x 15" implement tires and implement jack standard. It also has adjustable height axles to match the profile to your needs. Other standard equipment include: glycerin pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, strainer, and shut of valve.
          Blueline offers a variety of spray booms to fit orchard, vineyard, and row crops applications

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